Spot Your Train on Mobile


How to use SpotUrTrain on Mobile

For Using Spoturtrain from Mobile Phone just visit SpotUrTrain from your any basic or smart phone and then enter 5 digit train number of the train you want to spot in the box below train Number section, and then select the train start day, and then click on submit button.

In a while you will displayed with Live Train Running Status. If you get any type of errors make sure that 5 digit train number is correct. After you get the result the Station section shows the next upcoming station and ETA tell you the estimated arrival time of the train to corresponding station. While using SpotUrTrain make sure that you should not fully dependent on such types of website you know the cities and traffic of cities thorough which you pass so reach your destination at time.

What is Spot Your Train

Spot Your Train in Indian Railways means to track exact current location of trains.

Spot your train provides live current location of Indian Railways with the help of internet anywhere in this world.

Spot Your Train provided vital information related to trains such as current train location, Live updates, next upcoming stations, live station etc.

As compared to developed countries in the world late train arrival is very common problem in India, especially the local and passengers train are always late and they hardly reach their destination at time. The main cause of late trains are some time floods during rainy season and fogs during winter due to which trains are affected most and some even some time trains are also cancelled. Therefore it is important for the passenger to track thier train inorder to save time and money.

How to Spot Your Train Without Internet

Now anyone can easily get the live location of train by just dialing the Indian Railway official enquiry system - 139 and follow the IVR instructions.
Please note that standard call charges may be applied depending upon the carrier type you are using.

How to SpotUrTrain Using WhatsApp

Now train tracking has became more faster, accurate and covenient. Now you can spot ur train by just using WhatsApp instead of installing heavy applications and visiting websites here and there. Inorder to track your train using WhatsApp Follow the below steps:

  1. First of all make sure that you have latest version of whatsapp installed on your smart phone. if not then do update/install.
  2. Now open WhatsAapp and in the add contact option just save this number "7349389104" with any name that you wish to add, by default it is Make My Trip number..
  3. After you have sucessfully saved the number, the next step is to go to whatsapp conact and refresh the contact and search for the name that you have saved with..
  4. Open the message box of Make My Trip and just type 5 digit train number of the train whose current location you need to know and send it to the make my trip number .
  5. In few seconds you will get reply from other end containing all the important information related to live train status.

How to Track Train Live on Google Map

Track Train/Spot Your Train on Google Map has now became much easier than ever before with the help of advanced technologies that Google has provided us.

Google map is used by almost 80% of people travelling from one place to other even cabs like Ola & Uber are fully dependent on map to locate their destination in order save time and money.

Indian Railway has also worked in this field so that anyone from any corner of the world can track Indian Railway Trains live location on Google Map.

Indian railways has extended its service to help people in every direction weather we talk about food services, tourism etc. Amongst them spot train live on Google is one of the best facility provided by Indian Railway for the ease of the travellers.

Late trains is very common thing in India except few Rajdhani trains almost all the trains arrive late to the stations, some time the cause of late train is due to heavy flood or fog in winter.

Few years back when Internet was not so common people use to arrive at station before the schedule arrival of the train but after arriving station they come to know that train is late for many hours these situations caused inconvenience to the passengers hence to overcome such situations Indian Railway introduced the feature of train tracking live via Google Map.

How to Spot Your Train Live On Google:

Below are the simple steps to track your train live on Google:

  • Step -1 : At first open any browser on your Mobile Phone and visit the Indian Railway official website NTES
  • Step -2 : once the site is fully loaded click on SPOT YOUR TRAIN section from the menu and wait for the page to fully load.
  • Step -3 : Now below the spot your train section enter the 5 digit Train Number or Name of the Train that you wish to check Live.
  • Train Status and then click on “Go” button. For example if you wish to see the 12225 Train Running Status Live on Google Map then in the box either enter 12225 or just type Kaifiyat and press on “Go” Button.
  • Step -4 : The Next Step is to select the Journey/Boarding/Arrival Station. For example if your boarding station is Akbarpur Railway station then select the Journey/Boarding/Arrival Station as Akbarpur.
  • Step -5 : The final step is to select the date of journey
  • Step -6 : After selecting the date of journey you will be provided with current train running status like expect arrival time, current position, how much KM to arrive and much more.
  • Step -7 : After all these information there is button named “View on Map” Click on that button and you will be able to see the Live location of the train you searched on Map with green marker and the blue line shows the route of the train.