How to Create Perfect Title for your Blog Post | Title SEO


Ranking at top position of Google search engine result is the dream if every new blogger but have you ever wondered the importance of title in Search Engine Optimization.

 If your blog is receiving low traffic or unable to rank in search engine results then don’t worry because in this post I will tell you some advance tragedies that will help your blog post to rank easily in any search engine.

What is Title of a Blog Post?

When you search anything on search engine then you get a list of several websites on the search engine result page. This page contains list of different websites related to the keyword searched and each websites is displayed with 2 items that is Title of the website along with its small description.

How to do Title Research for Your Blog Post?

Before creating title for any article it is very important to do lot of research so that you can find eye catching unique and SEO friendly title that makes your blog look different from others and encourages the visitor to open your website.

 There are many different ways of title research but based on my own experiences, I am sharing some advanced research methods:


First of all select the main keyword of your post on which you want your article to rank and then go to Google and search like this –


Now this will return all the websites with matching keywords. Look for the total result returned by the search engine and try to work with less competition keywords.
Take an idea from other’s website title and make sure that you create unique and encouraging title for your blog post.

If you try to copy others title then Google will never rank your article.

Method -2:

Before applying this method make sure that your website is connected and verified by Google Search Console.

Now go to Search Console Dashboard and then select Performance tab from the left menu.

Now you will see a graph and below graph there will be list of all the keywords for which your website is giving impression in search result.
Copy all the keywords for which your website is ranking in an excel sheet.

Include those keywords in your title in an optimized and meaningful manner. This will greatly improve your website ranking but make sure that you don’t do keyword stuffing in your title as this will work as negative SEO.

Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Title for You Article

Length of the Title

 Length of the title your are creating must be of optimum length so that user can easily understand the entire content of your website but make sure that the length of title must also be not too long as it will be ignored in the search result page.

The optimal length of your title must vary between 40 to 50 characters so that entire title of the website is visible on result page.

Use of Keywords in the Title

While creating title make sure that you include the main keyword of the post but avoid any type of keyword stuffing and if you do so then your website will be penalised and will never index in Google.

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