How to Restrict Background Data in Windows

Whenever you connect your pc or laptop with any Wi-Fi to use the internet then you might have noticed that too much data is consumed by your laptop or pc even if you haven’t use any app or use the internet. 

If you are suffering from this problem then don’t worry because in this article I will recommend you some settings after which you data will be saved from unnecessary wastage.

Why Your Too Much Data is Consumed?

Let’s first understand the reason behind the unnecessary usage of your data and if you don’t use the data then who consumes it.

This problem usually occurs in such laptop or computer that has windows 10, however this can happen in any version of windows.

The high consumption of data occurs because of the system which uses the data for improving its security and performance by upgrading the current windows software.

You can check how much data which application has consumed from the internet and security section of the control panel.

How to Check Data Usage Overview in Windows

Data Usage Overview gives complete information about each apps that uses the data along with the size that it has consumed over time.

So, below is the simple step for checking the data consumption by your system:

Step-1: Click on the Start button of your PC or Laptop.

Step-2: Click on the Settings icon from the Start Menu.

Step-3: Now from the Windows Setting Select the Network and Internet menu.

Step-4: A new window will open that will contain all the settings related to network and internet.

Step-5: Look at the left side menu list there you will find Data Usage.

Step-6: Click on Data Usage

Step-7: Now you will get list of Networks on which you are connected and just below that there will be an option of View Usage per App.  Click on this option.

Step-8: A list of all the apps that are using your data along with amount of data consumed is displayed.

Steps to Restrict Background Data in Any Windows

Step-1: On your keywords press Window + R key together.

Step-2: A Run pop will appear. In that pop up window just enter services.msc and hit the enter key.

Step-3: Wait for a second and a new window will open on the screen. It will contain list of all the services with name and description along with the status of each services that are currently running in the background of your system.

Step-4: Now from the list just search for three services one by one and perform following task:

  1. Background Intelligent Transfer
  2. Windows Update
  3. Delivery Optimization

Step-5: Now right click on each option above and go to their properties

Step-6: In the properties under the general section see the "Service Status".

Step-7: If the service status is Running then click on the Stop button to pause the services.

Step-8: Perform the above 3 steps one by one on all the three services.

Step-9: Now go back to the "Data Usage Overview" and you will find the the consumption of data has been reduced.

How to Stop Automatic Window Update (Saves Lot of Data)

Another reason for data consumption might be because your windows update is on. When the window update is set to on then whenever your system gets an internet connection it will start upgrading the windows. 

The windows update can be more than GB which will cost high. So below are the steps to stop automatic window update to save data but make sure that if you off your automatic window update then certain new features will lack behind.

Step-1: Click on the "Start" button of the Window.

Step-2: From the Start menu click on the Settings icon.

Step-3: A Setting window will open from there click and open Updates and Security.

Step-4: After you open Update and Security window, look on the last option that is "Advanced Options" and click to open it.

Step-5: Under Advanced Options there will be another three sub options that are :

  1. Receive Update.....
  2. Download Updates.....
  3. Restart this device.....

Step-6: Now make sure that you turn off all the three sub options.

After turning off the automatic window updates your PC will not update further until you manually update it.

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