How to Share Files on Google Drive

Hello Friends, if you are using Google Drive and don’t know how to share files to anyone on Google Drive then I am going to tell you how to share any type of files like images, documents etc. to anyone on Google Drive or make it public so anyone can download it from anywhere.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is an online free storage service offered by Google on which anyone can store their any type of data like photos, files, folders, Videos, documents etc.

It is not limited up to storing data but with the help of Gmail Id and password anyone from anywhere can access the data of stored on Google drive on any device.

Benefits of Google Drive

There are numerous benefits of Google Drive and that is the reason why is it so famous and used by almost every Smartphone user across the globe.
It is safe and secured as no one can access the online storage until they know your Google Account credentials.

Also you can upload file size of GB’s with fast uploading and downloading speed and even your entire device data can be backup and saved forever. 

The maximum free storage drive offered by Google is of 15 GB however if you want to store more data then you have to definitely pay for it.

How to Share any data on Google Drive

If you want to share data through Google Drive then follow below steps:

Step-1: Open Google Drive App on Your Device and log in into it with any Gmail account.

Step-2: Now simply click on the plus icon to upload the item on Google Drive storage.

Step-3: After you click on the plus icon then a Create new option will appear. Here you can create a new folder, create docs and much more so you have to click on the Upload icon.

Step-4: Select the item that you want to upload from the phone storage and wait until the file is uploaded.

Step-5: Once the file is uploaded it is easily visible in the recent section where your recent activities are highlighted.

Step-6: Now above every item there will be name and three dots so go to the item that you want to share and then click on the three dots above it.

Step-7: After clicking on three dots menu bar sliding from down will pop up from there you will the link sharing is off so click on that option to turn off link sharing only then you can share it with others.

Step-8: Now again click on the three dots and below Link Sharing On Option Click on “Copy Link” to copy the download link of the file.

Step-9: Share the copied link to whom you want to download.

How to Download File from Google Drive Link

  1. In order to download file from the shareable link first of all open the link in any browser or directly in Google Drive App.
  2. Click on the three dots and from the slide menu click on the download button.
  3. Wait for the file to download completely.


Google Drive is very important platform for sharing files online anywhere around the web. It is absolutely free safe and secure to use.

Last but not the least we can trust this app because it is owned by Google.

Thank You

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