How to Format Pendrive/USB Drive in a PC or Laptop

Hello friends, if your pendrive is corrupted or it has virus and you want to format your pendrive completely then this article is for you because in this article I will tell you how you can easily format your pendrive of any company or any size with help of laptop or Pc.

Why do we Need to Format Pendrive?

Sometime when we insert our pendrive in various computer then virus comes in it and if you use the same pendrive in your personal computer then it might also be affected by the virus so its very important to format it in order to avoid any problem.

Also some time it has been seen due to unexpected removal of pendrive from USB port your pendrive may become corrupted in such situation we need to format it.

Steps to Successfully Format Pendrive

There are basically two methods of formatting one is through command prompt and another is direct. So I will tell you both the methods:

Direct Method

Step-1: Insert your pendrive in one of the working USB port of your computer.

Step-2: Go to my computer and then see the removable disk with the name of your pendrive.

Step-3: Now right click on the removable disk.

Step-4: After right click list of options will open from their search for format and click on it.

Step-5: Wait for few seconds until the pendrive is formatted compltetley.

Note:- Do not remove or disconnect your USB device while the format is in progress as it may corrupt your device for ever.

Formatting Pendrive through Command Prompt

Step-1: Connect your USB drive with the computer 

Step-2: Go to My Computer and check that external USB drive is detected and visible in My Computer. 

Step-3: Type "cmd" in the search box and open Command Prompt from the matched result.

Step-4: After command prompt window is open just type diskpart and hit the Enter key.

Step-5: Next type list disk and then press Enter. You will get list of all the disk present in you system.

Step-6: From the list select see which one is the USB drive which you want to format for example the disk that you want to format is disk 3

Step-7: Now type select disk 3 and then press the Enter key.

Step-8: Next type clean and then press Enter.

Step-9: Wait until the disk is cleaned.

Step-10: Then type create partition primary and then again hit enter.

Step-11: Next type Format fs = NTFS Quick and press the enter key.

Step-12: Now type Assign and then press enter in order to assign new letter to the formatted drive.


The best way to format any USB drive is through cmd using the diskpart commands. 

If you are unable to format the any USB drive or while formatting USB drive an error occurs in the system then go for the second method which is best of all.

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