How to View Saved Password in Chrome Browser

If you have forgot the email or password after creating it on any website and the browser remembers but you are unable to see the password because it is hidden then don’t worry because in this tutorial I will tell you how you can easily view Username or password of any website that you have saved before on the Google chrome browser.

Need to Save Username and Password in Browser

As the world is becoming digital we are making use of more and more website in our day today life.

We visit multiple sites everyday for various activities like for shopping we make use of,, etc. and for travelling we use IRCTC, Make My Trip etc.

Every website that you visit wants you to register and become their customer for the security purpose but the main problem that arise once we register is to remember too many usernames and password of various website as their might be some website may ask to create username or other make tell you to use your email address as username and blah blah.

To overcome this problem Google chrome provides the feature of saving the login details so that next time you visit the site you may find easy to login in to the website by just pressing the sign in button as the username and password field is automatically filled by your browser. That’s great!!

But what about if you wish to login the same account in to any other PC or mobile then you need to know the username and password in case you have forgot it but same is saved in your browser.

Just read below steps and I am sure you will easily come to know about all your details in a second so follow up.

Steps to View/See Saved Login Details in Your Chrome Browser

Step-1: Open your Google Chrome Browser

 Step-2: Click on the three dots at the extreme top right

Step-3: From the option that are opened click on Settings.

Step-4: Now a setting tab will open. In this tab, look at the left menu list and click on Autofill.

Step-5: Under Autofill click on the first option that is Passwords.

Step-6: As soon as you click on the Passwords, a list of all the saved website along with username and password will open.

Step-7: From the list go and search for the website whose username password you want to know.

Step-8: If the list is too long then you can quick search by using the search bar at the top.

Step-9: Now click on the eye icon in front of the website’s username and password to view password.

Step-10: If your PC is password protected then it will reconfirm you system password before you can view websites password.

Step-11: Once you confirm the system credential, you can view the password.


If you want to save login information or other information that you frequently use like address, phone number etc. in the browser then you have to on the autofill feature in the settings of the Google Chrome Browser.

If you are saving log in information in your PC or laptop then make sure that you system is protected by a password else anyone who access you system will be able to view login details and can make wrong use of it.
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