How To Book 100% Confirm Tatkal Ticket?

In India booking tatkal ticket is a very difficult task because within 40 second of time entire tatkal tickets are booked and there is no chance to get confirm ticket in any train in such situation here is some pro tips that will help you in getting confirm tatkal ticket if you have a good typing speed along with fast internet connection.

What is tatkal ticket?

Before booking tatkal ticket we should first know what tatkal tickets actually are and what is the eligibility for booking tatkal ticket. Normally, railway reservation can be done 90 days before the actual departure of the train but what about if you wish to travel in emergency, yes there is another option of tatkal scheme under which anyone can reserve his/her seat just one day before the train departs.

Tatkal ticket is a type of emergency ticket that is issued 1 day before the actual departure of the train from the source station. As the name suggest tatkal, which is a hindi word meaning “immediately” hence the name is given tatkal ticket. It is mend especially for those who are planning sudden trips to travel through train in case of any emergency like someone suffering from severe disease and needs immediate treatment.

Tatkal ticket can be either booked through IRCTC website or from railway reservation counter. There is separate timing for booking sleeper and A.C tickets as follows:

For sleeper booking starts from 10:00 A.M onwards
where as for A.C from 11:00 AM and the ticket last till the departure of the train if not booked.

Some Important terms related to Tatkal Ticket

There are generally two type of tickets available under tatkal quota. They are:

1. Normal Tatkal - The price of this ticket is higher than the normal fare. The fare include the price of journey + tatkal charges which can be charged up to 30% of normal fare. While booking ticket it is not sure that we get confirm ticket, it might be RAC or in the waiting list.
2. Premium Tatkal – Premium tatkal is bit different from normal one. The concept of premium is based on dynamic pricing which means as the number of confirm tatkal tickets goes on decreasing on the other hand the price of ticket will also increase. For example if there is 20 seats left in the train in tatkal quota then after booking of 10 seats the remaining 10 seats will be considered under premium tatkal quota and their price will increase than normal tatkal fare and this price will go on increasing until the last ticket which will be most costly one. However premium tatkal is not available in all type of trains.

Steps to get Confirm Tatkal Ticket

Step-1 : At first make sure that you have latest version of chrome browser installed on your computer and then search for “Tatkal for Sure” chrome extension on Google and add it to your chrome browser.

Step-2 : Now after successful install open the extension and click on “create a new trip button”.

Step-3 : Next you will be asked to enter IRCTC username and password so that you have to not enter this information later while booking ticket also since this only extension you have to not worry about information leakage.

Step-4 : After filling log in details next you will be asked to fill journey details like source and destination station name, date, train number, quota, passenger details etc. Fill all the information carefully and the press next button until all the asked information is filled correctly.

Step-5 : At last you will be asked to fill debit or credit card details. Don’t worry all your details are not going to share anywhere since these details are saved in chrome browser also now day’s bank transaction has been more secured by the use of OTP password. You can also opt to skip this step.

Step-6 : After filling final details just press on submit button and you will be displayed with a ticket like preview. Don’t worry your ticket is not booked it is just preview to ensure that all the ticket details are filled correctly and saved.

Step-7 : Finally wait for tatkal booking timing as mentioned above ( for booking sleeper ticket be ready before 10:00 AM and for booking A.C Ticket be ready before 11:00 AM ) for example if you wish to book sleeper tatkal ticket then open tatkal for sure extension exactly at 9:58 or 9:59 and click on Book Now button.

Step-8 : You will be redirected to the IRCTC website and you have to just fill the captcha since user id and password has been already saved before in above steps.

Step-9 : Keep an eye on clock and as soon as the time become exact 10:00 AM click the Log In button and you will see all the information that you have entered before will be filled beforehand and you will proceed automatically to the final page where you just have to enter the final captcha and press the submit button.

Step-10 : If you have not entered your card details before then here you have to fill your card details manually such as card number, cvv, pin etc. And press on proceed button.

Congrats you have just booked your confirm tatkal ticket.
Note: Tatkal tickets are non-refundable. This means ticket once booked cannot be cancelled and if cancelled then no refund of money will be entertained.

How To Get 100% Conform Tatkal Ticket


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